I am from

I am from

της Ισμήνης Βασίλογλου

I am from a long worn table,
From memories of arts and craft,
And long planks of wheeled over wood,
I am from itchy grass and cooling water,
The flowers of my family

I am from travel to far off countries,
And expeditions to the sea,
From long walks by water,
To Mountain adventures,
And longing for snow

I am from encouragement to do my best
From books and knowledge,
From heart warming hugs,
From promises to do my best,
I am from the life that you gave,
I am from a heart that beats,
With a longing for your love
I am from

Η Ισμήνη Βασίλογλου είναι 10 ετών, ζει στην Ατλάντα και έγραψε το κείμενο στο μάθημα της Λογοτεχνίας.


Ο πίνακας είναι έργο του Atkinson Hornel.


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